Our Delicious Food

With over 20 years of combined experience in food services for charter schools, the Better 4 You Meals team has learned a few things about not only what kids like, but also how to provide a tasty and compliant meal for the schools.

Kids love to eat healthy food…but only if it tastes good. Most kids are willing to try new dishes, fruits or vegetables if they are visually appealing and delicious.

  • We taste test our new meals internally and also at school sites for admin and students. Every meal looks and tastes great before we serve it to kids.
  • We know getting kids to eat healthy is sometimes a matter of patience and encouragement.
  • We work with our schools to not only create a menu that the kids know and are comfortable with, but also to successfully introduce new dishes to kids by taking advantage of their natural curiosity about food.
  • Kids need lots of fuel! Both their brains and bodies are working hard all day. They need a power-packed breakfast and a nutritious lunch to keep their engines revving.

Always Striving to be BETTER!

Better 4 You Meals was started for two reasons – children needed greater access to healthy and delicious school meals, and school leaders needed a true partner in meeting the needs of their students, while also complying with all state and federal guidelines.

The National School Lunch Program guidelines call for a large variety of fruits and vegetables served daily. We put as much variety into our meals as possible, while staying within the federal guidelines. We offer a wide range of certified menus, including menus customized to specific school’s age groups, cultural demographics, and students’ medical needs. We also work with many of our schools to provide salad bars to complement their meal service.

All the time and effort we put into our food would be wasted if it didn’t stay at a proper, safe temperature. We meet and exceed all applicable food safety regulations, both for the transport and serving of meals. There are no grey areas when it comes to food safety.

Everyone at Better 4 You Meals is passionate about every component that goes into making delicious food that kids will eat.