Lunch Service

With Better 4 You Meals, the school day just got a bit healthier.  For the last few years, the call from schools throughout Southern California to expand our offerings from breakfast to lunch was loud and meaningful.  Expanding to a full menu of meal services in the Summer of 2014 was received in such an unexpected manner that we were humbled by the response.  Now serving over 18,000 lunches per day, Better 4 You is excited to work with schools and their students to make continue making lunch one of the highlights of their kids’ days.

Better 4 You Meals seeks out the best farmers, growers, co-packers, and vendors to provide your students with a high quality, healthy, and enjoyable lunch.  We strictly adhere to the federal National School Lunch Program guidelines and help schools prepare for their state audits and compliance requirements.

Kids love to eat healthy food…but only if it tastes good. Most kids are willing to try new dishes, fruits or vegetables if they are visually appealing and delicious and Better 4 You is constantly seeking the best recipes and ingredients for our meals.

Of course we have our staples with positive feedback proving students love them, but we rarely repeat menu items in a single month so that your students will not get bored with the menu. And when there’s an item that schools tell us they don’t like, we actually listen and will replace it on the menu with a new item. Some of our non-traditional and very popular lunch items include:

  • Chicken fajitas with rice & beans
  • Bosco pizza sticks with sauce
  • Chicken penne pasta with marinara and parmesan cheese
  • Cilantro chicken sandwich
  • Cranberry chicken salad sandwich
  • Beef & veggie picadillo with rice
  • Cajun chicken sandwich
  • Turkey & hummus pita sandwich

And lunch servings don’t end there.  While we are constantly updating our menu and sampling new items at schools, we also look for new and creative vendor partnerships to keep your students healthy and satisfied.

Pick Up Stix

Once a month and at no additional charge, schools can choose to have the healthy Asian cuisine of Pick Up Stix. Pick Up Stix school lunches meet NSLP nutrition guidelines.

On-site BBQs

Better 4 You Meals can tow our mobile BBQ trailer directly to your school for special events like jog-a-thons, grade promotions, testing completion, and many more. If parents or community guests are going to be attending, the school can order meals for those guests as well.